Combining passions – we go cycling around London on a Design Tour with Tokyobikes. Leading out the peloton…Vicky Richardson.

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Is there anything better than a gentle spin on a bike after a slightly excessive night of showroom visits and networking ………and the odd glass of champagne?

As a part of all the amazing things that happened in London last week set up a series of design tours by bike so we decided to check out the first one which was being led by the writer, curator, consultant and all round lovely person Vicky Richardson.

The tour started at a reasonable hour of 10:00am from the buzzing area around Granary Square just North of Kings Cross station. Once all had assembled and had the right size bike allotted, we headed off Eastwards on the Regents Canal towpath. At pre-determined points we would stop at a design related shop, area or interior. Great fun with a great crowd of people from different parts of the world and a real eye opener (for a Londoner that cycles regularly) to the wonders of the Regents Canal and hidden design gems.

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